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What we do.

We support our customers to achieve the business strategy goals they desire. In a world that is continuously developing, and almost exclusively focused on technical requirements, our mission is simple - to empower business users by delivering the right tools that put the right data in the hands of the right people.

How we do it.

We work closely with our clients to identify the best fit solution. Once we understand the business problem, we partner with them to implement the best solution, based on our experience and our client’s specific requirements

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    A message from the CEO…

    Before I start with my CEO message, I want to confirm that Harness is very much alive and we’ve managed to retain a core group of amazing individuals!!

    We’ve been quiet on the communications front for a while, but as you can imagine, the current climate has been a challenging one for everyone and we’ve had to focus all of our energy on servicing our existing clients to ensure we remain in a strong financial position.

    As the world starts to recover from Covid, the same applies to us and we are now looking inward as a company to really define who we are and how we can best support our people and our clients.

    Internally we’ve:

    – reflected on what clients love about partnering with us, and re-aligned our structures and frameworks

    – looked at our key people and opened up training and development opportunities

    – …. to ensure our people and clients always come first!

    Functionally we’ve:

    – challenged ourselves on what we offer to clients

    – questioned what we enjoy delivering

    – …. to focus on delivering cloud related technology solutions.

    From our team we’ve heard that being able to work across any industry is where the excitement lies, so this will remain.

    Step 1 of the transformation for us is a shift towards core cloud solutions, starting with all things AWS!! Keep an eye out here for further updates, and to hear about step 2….